Alec Chambers - "Do You See Me" (audio) (premiere)

The young artist enlists a little Nashville help on this lavish new track.

Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter Alec Chambers hails from smalltown Connecticut and has recently been honing his craft with Nashville songwriters. You can hear how far he's come on the confident and lavish new single "Do You See Me".

“'Do You See Me' was written on a trip to Nashville back in 2014," Chambers tells PopMatters. "It was co-written by Sarah Nagourney and Aaron Espe. We wrote the song in about two hours. When we walked into the room, we had a few ideas…a few lyrical Ideas and a few melody ideas. We didn’t know what we were going to write, but we knew that we wanted to write something extremely powerful, something that was extremely universal and something that a lot of folks could relate to. We started to strum some chords that would give off this sort of vibe. Once Aaron started to hum to Sarah’s lyrical idea 'Would you ask for answers if you knew them first?' with the chords we had put together, it just all sort of fell into place. The song has become my favorite to play live, and I’m super excited about how to production came out. I hope you enjoy it.”

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