Alek Fin – ‘Án Mynda’ (EP stream) (premiere)

The latest EP by the electronic artist is all about subtlety.

The brainchild of Los Angeles artist Adam Finkel, Alek Fin specializes in electronic music that straddles gentle pop, adult contemporary, with just enough experimentation to give it enough edginess. The twitchiness of Thom Yorke, the smoothness of James Blake, and the crooning of Patrick Watson, if you will.

Three years after the debut EP Mull, we finally have some new Alek Fin music to tout, and you can listen to his new EP Án Mynda below.

“‘Án Mynda’ is the Icelandic translation of ‘without form’ or ‘without generation’,” Finkel explains. “It’s a concept inspired by my step-father Charlie who passed away just after Mull was released. I wanted to explore the idea of transitioning between this life and the next. Although there is a melancholy nature to these tracks I wanted each of them to be equally as hopeful.”

Án Mynda is out now and is available at iTunes.