Alex Lilly Tells the All-Too-Familiar Story of the "Pornographic Mind" (premiere)

Photo: David Black / Courtesy of Fanatic PR

Alex Lilly (Beck, Obie Best, the Living Sisters) readies her second solo album and shares new single, "Pornographic Mind".

"Pornographic Mind" is the new single from Alex Lilly. Having spent much of her career as a touring musician, gigging with Beck, Lorde, Ry Cooder, and the bird and the bee, she also occupied her time with projects such as the Living Sisters, Obie Best and Zero DeZire. Lilly's second LP under her own name, 2 % Milk arrives 11 January 2019.

The tune is a combination of classic AM radio pop, of the kind that has inspired Lilly's sometime bandmate Inara George, as well as breezy, late '80s synthesizer pop, think Madonna with a more poetic bent or Belinda Carlisle momentarily expressing an appreciation for the avant-garde.

Lilly says, "The song is a true story for me and many people. I found my particular circumstances amusing and felt kind of sorry for this curelessly horny guy. Musically I find this song exhausting but I think that represents the feeling behind the story."

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