Alexis Babini - "Everybody's Drunk But Me" (audio) (premiere)

Everybody needs an anthem, including the man or woman with everyone's car keys.

We’ve all been there. The weirdo who can’t get with the beat, the vibe, the joy at that critical moment. Maybe we’re the straight edge friend, the odd man/woman out during a night on the town when everyone’s bacchanal tendencies stretch to the max. That familiarity moment/feeling is at the core of Alexis Babini’s “Everybody’s Drunk But Me".

The New York City-based singer dodges cliché on the track, giving us, instead, a highly relatable moment to ponder. “It’s an anthem for designated drivers everywhere,” he says. “There needs to be more music that champions heroes who are stuck taking care of their inebriated friends.” Phrases about challenging bodybuilders to fights and the number of tequila shots one has imbibed and texts to old lovers tend to trigger panic in the hearts of friends near and far, Babini posits an important counterpoint.

“Maybe everyone is just having the best night of their lives except the narrator,” he adds. “Maybe he’s the only one at the wedding without a date. Or the only one who voted differently from all his friends. What then?”

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