Alicia Keys plans collaboration with White Stripes

Brian McCollum
Detroit Free Press (MCT)

The world may be startled, Alicia Keys acknowledges, but she'd love to link up with Jack and Meg White.

Keys says she's a big fan of the Detroit-born duo whose gritty, high-wire rock starkly contrasts with her own cultivated soul-pop.

The singer-songwriter has several bands with whom she'd like to collaborate, including Linkin Park, U2, Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age - pairings "that are not quite of the same world, or so you think, but when you put them together it's just really interesting."

Topping her wish list, though, are the Stripes, who are on hiatus as Jack White tours with the Raconteurs.

"Well, I love the White Stripes because they're very, very raw. It's very cut and dried - it's drums and it's guitar, or it's a little drums and piano, or it's a little drums and bass," says Keys. "It's raw and it's intense, and it's still fun and it's still edgy.

"I just think that combining that kind of style with mine - which has already got kind of a raw feel to it - and my voice ... I just think we could do something really, really interesting that mixes rock and soul together - the blues and just emotion - in a way that would be really, really touching."

It's more than just a pipe dream, insists Keys. She says she has spoken to Jack White about the prospect.

"We've had some conversations, so when the time works out it definitely will happen," she says. "And do I think people would get it or understand it? Definitely, I do. I think that people love interesting things like that. It's exciting when you try something new and different, and it still has elements of them and elements of me, and you can hear how we mesh together. I think that's fun."

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