Photo: Erika Mugglin / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

All Things Blue Say Goodbye to “Chad” (premiere)

Los Angeles dream poppers All Things Blue get off emotional see-saw and into full action with their new single, "Chad".

“Chad”, the new single from All Things Blue arrives 15 May and is a potent bite of dream punk from All Things Blue.

Vocalist India Coombs says, “It’s a gnawing fuck-you love song about having your heart dangling from someone else’s hook for too long. See-saws are fun until you’re riding an emotional see-saw; when you want someone that doesn’t want you but makes sure to keep you around. Wasting time is easy when you’re waiting for someone who gives just enough affection to keep your hopes alive and make you think, ‘This can’t just be in my head.” Sometimes you only realize in retrospect; that person was just a Chad.” She adds, “Also during the whole vocal take I was holding Jon [Joseph]’s week old baby boy which is why I laugh at the end cause he fell asleep.”

Coombs’ emotionally-charged vocal stands front-and-center in the track and though the tune is far from anthemic it’s hard not to feel like cheering when she delivers the final lines that send Chad back where he belongs. At three minutes it’s over all too soon but, thankfully, we can revisit for future listens.