Allman Brown Marries Intimate With Epic on "Moonlight" (premiere)

Photo: Jodie Canwell

London singer Allman Brown issues latest single "Moonlight" ahead of U.S. concert dates and a new EP.

Allman Brown's Bury My Heart EP is out 16 March and the latest track from it, "Moonlight" provides further evidence of the London-based singer-songwriter's appeal. Brown's appeal is evident via his emotionally charged vocals and thoughtful lyrics which touch on, here, the what-might-have-been.

"It specifically describes what it feels like to have a moment of connection with someone when you're in a usually heaving city that has suddenly become quiet and secret just for you," Brown says. "I wanted to capture the sensation of how small intense moments can have an impact on your entire life. 'Moonlight' is about how the epic and the intimate go hand in hand, like how you can hear the biggest ocean in the smallest of sea shells."

Bury My Heart may be ordered here. The EP coincides with U.S. performances from Brown, including two SXSW showcases.


3/11 - Dallas, TX - Deep Ellum Art Co. (Skate or Die Fest)

3/13 - Austin, TX - Seven Grand (Killing Moon Live x ReverbNation SXSW showcase, 8:35pm)

3/17 - Austin, TX - Barracuda (AGI x Xtra Mile Recordings SXSW showcase, 8pm)

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