Alpenglow - "Dreaming Too Much" (video) (premiere)

The Brooklyn band bring out their dreamy side on their new track.

Brooklyn band Alpenglow will be releasing their debut album Callisto soon, but in the meantime they've put out a charming live performance of the dreamy, spacey new track "Dreaming Too Much", recorded at their space in Red Hook.

"We wrote this song to transport people into space and back before they realize they've gone away," the band says. "The lyrics describe a relationship during a jobless summer. Each morning began with one partner going dutifully to work and the other staying behind to let his unconscious wander.Upon awaking and finding nowhere to be but an 8'x10' music studio, the sleeper would continue his dreamy exploration in the confines of a very small box. Just like the limited space in which the song was created and the unlimited capacity of the imagination, "Dreaming Too Much" sticks to a rigid structure while covering some serious cosmic territory."

Catch Alpenglow on tour this month:

Nov 13 | seattle | the future

Nov 14 | seattle | salmon town

Nov 15 | portland | valentines

Nov 17 | san fran | El Rio

Nov 19 | los angeles | TBD

Nov 20 | los angeles | non plus ultra

Nov 21 | pitzer | grove house

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