Amelia Curran - "Gravity" (video) (premiere)

Amelia Curran returns with a new single/video that delivers a message of peace, environmentalism, and self-drive.

One might say that there has always been a certain gravity about Amelia Curran’s music, and -- pun-centric jokes aside -- her latest, “Gravity”, would back these claims. Complete with bombastic horns and an earworm of a riff, the Newfoundland singer-songwriter, mental health advocate, and activist wistfully embraces female empowerment with this jubilant leap into the world.

With an open mind and heart, the accompanying stop-motion video uses its stop-motion, collaged charm to deliver a message of peace, environmentalism, and self-drive. Recent world events in mind, this single release is all-importantly well-timed for its inspiring message of perseverance, and the artfulness of its video accompaniment isn’t anything to shake a stick at, either.

Amelia Curran's new album, Watershed , will release March 10th via Six Shooter Records.

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