Amo Amo Wants to Be "Closer to You" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Hip Video Promo

Jim James produces this young outfit Amo Amo, and their lead singer Love Femme delivers a remarkably enchanting video with "Closer to You".

"Closer to You" is a single from the upcoming Jim James (My Morning Jacket)-produced LP from Amo Amo. With lush vocal harmonies, spacious guitar lines and rhythm track that fuses elements of classic reggae with '60s pop, the track is further enhanced by Love Femme's potent lead delivering. Ze's enough of a presence on the track but also directed the video, perhaps accounting for hir front-and-center appearance there. Playful, yet informed by the spiritual, the visuals are truly memorable component to the track.

Although the group is relatively new, the outfit has already garnered its share of attention in the mainstream press while peers (including James) have been quick to show their appreciation. Amo Amo has opened for Brazilian legends Os Mutantes, Ethiopian jazz accordionist Hailu Mergia and the almighty Jonathan Wilson.

Love Femme may be a familiar face to some at this point as ze's performed with New York's Living Theater before joining forces with this vibrant, psychedelic-minded collective that shows little sign of stopping.

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