Ana Egge Weaves a Honky-Tonk Romance in "Cocaine Cowboys" (premiere)

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Ahead of her next album, Is It the Kiss, folk artist Ana Egge sweetly ruminates over classic country tales with her new single, "Cocaine Cowboys".

"This one started out as a song in tribute to life on the road and the camaraderie and friendship of bandmates and it quickly crossed into territory of honky-tonk life on the road," says Ana Egge, reflecting on her new single, "Cocaine Cowboys". Hailing from her upcoming album, Is It the Kiss, Egge's latest is a mellow, sweetly ruminant folk tune that explores the romantic haze surrounding the stories of old-school country stars.

Egge continues that it's about "The impossibility of a hick from the country raised on a farm writing a song and becoming a wealthy star by singing his heart out and touring around the country in an old sedan. That's one side of romance I've always been interested in. Music, the open road, adventure and friendship deep as the songs we dive into as a band and come out of together on the other end."

Produced by Nancy Howell and Mark Lerner, the music video for "Cocaine Cowboys" is fittingly cute. Featuring a winsome collection of props and highlighting a cast of famed artists like Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Charley Pride, and Hank Williams, it does well in accentuating the kind of affable romance that Egge is aiming for. Its gentle melodies, subtly awash with traditional country callbacks, make for an earwigging roots number supported by Egge (vocals, guitars), Iris Dement (harmony), Matt Davidson (bass, harmony), Alex Hargreaves (violin), Buck Meek (electric guitar), and Alec Spiegelman (flute, pump organ, piano, beats).

Is It the Kiss is due for release on 6 September via StorySound Records. It is now available to pre-order.

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