Andre Williams - "Detroit (I’m So Glad I Stayed)" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Bohdan Cap

At 79, nothing is slowing cult hero Andre Williams or his funky swagger. His new album releases June 3rd.

At 79, nothing is slowing cult hero Andre Williams. His past is as colorful as his music, with Williams hustling for six decades as a singer and performer and... hustler. Hey, that's what you have to do to spend a life in music and not get hustled yourself by a really tough industry. Williams wears his scars well. Whether he's been up or down, he's always been Andre Williams and always able to bounce back and stand strong. And here he comes again with a brand new album, his fifth for Bloodshot Records, the highly respected Chicago-based alt-country and roots music label.

I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City is an ode of sorts to his adopted hometown of Detroit. Working on the record, Williams revisited the spot in Detroit where his old stood and he was shocked by the sad state of affairs he witnessed in the city he so loves. Those feelings inspired his first single from the new album, "Detroit (I’m So Glad I Stayed)", which speaks to Detroit's resilience and features some seriously great funk riffs. If you like Funkadelic, then tune into Williams' vibe because he's back, baby.

Andre Williams' I Wanna Go Back to Detroit City releases June 3rd via Bloodshot Records.

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