Andrea von Kampen Crafts Reflective, Picturesque Folk on 'Twilight & Evening Bell' (EP stream) (premiere)

Photo: Letura Idigima

Singer-songwriter Andrea von Kampen's new EP, Twilight & Evening Bell, regales in traditional folk melodies that draw naturalistic pictures.

It's been just about three and a half years since Andrea von Kampen first caught on. She dropped a live performance of "Let Me Down Easy" for NPR's Tiny Desk contest in 2016 that jettisoned her into notoriety. Ultimately, the Lincoln, Nebraska artist placed in the top ten of the contest, garnering an instant reputation in the realm of indie folk. Earlier this year, von Kampen released her debut full-length album, Old Country, with aplomb. Now, she's following it up with another EP entitled Twilight & Evening Bell, available to pre-save now ahead of its 18 October release.

Throughout Twilight & Evening Bell, von Kampen continues to build upon the established strengths of her previous releases. Of the prairie, her songwriting regales in traditional folk melodies that often draw naturalistic pictures. Atlantic waters set the scene within moments of the EP's opening track, "Motherland", and "Rainmaker" begins with painting an image of windswept plains. "Crossing the Bar", meanwhile, sees von Kampen adapting an 1889 poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson into song. She brings a sweetness to the finality of his work, singing it as a wistful look back on life. Throughout, warm, sparse instrumentation lends legitimacy to von Kampen's careful folk approach, her hopeful cadences doing the rest.

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