Animalia - "Little Earth" (audio) (premiere)

The dark electronic artist shows great promise on her new single.

Originally from Tasmania, dark electronic artist Jill Krasnicki has been performing under the moniker Animalia in her new home base of Toronto. Her debut album Mouth Full of Teeth came out in 2014 to considerable acclaim in Canada, and in early 2016 she will be releasing her new LP (dissonance). As you can hear on the new song "Little Earth", traces of Bjork and the Knife creep into her music, yielding something altogether chilly and unique.

"When I was younger I had so much optimism that humans were progressing, becoming better, kinder," she says. "Now I have much less hope. This song is about how losing that hope is so sad, how only seeing the worst around me is a terrible waste of my time on Earth."

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