Anna Volpe Lets It "Burn" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of the artist

Surrounded by a blend of strings and synths, singer-songwriter Anna Volpe soars in the resplendence of her new single, "Burn".

Over the past five years, New York singer-songwriter Anna Volpe has primarily been offering her classically-trained vocals to a collection of other artists both on-stage and in-studio. This marks a change, with Volpe's first deep dive into the production and release of a debut EP, Call My Name, on 21 June. Ahead of its release, Volpe is debuting her single "Burn" with PopMatters. The song charms with its soothing tempo and swirl of strings and synths, clearly establishing Volpe as a songwriter with a keen sense for rhythm who delivers her warm, practiced vocals in an almost meditative manner.

Directed by Danielle Mulcahy alongside Volpe, the song's ebullient melodies are met by a sweet story of love in its accompanying music video. Like the song itself, Volpe's visual interpretation of "Burn" skirts between the realms of organic and synthetic, featuring a bevy of shots featuring the artist in natural vistas and under the scope of bright, filtered lights.

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