Annabelle's Curse Carry "Onward" with Latest 'Typewriter Session' (premiere)

Photo: Anna Hedges (Courtesy of artist)

In their latest live performance video, indie folk collective Annabelle's Curse reminds us to persevere even when we can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Rising indie folk band Annabelle's Curse has recently begun putting out a series of live performances called The Typewriter Sessions. As its name infers, the band is turning out new renditions of their songs in an abandoned typewriter repair shop out of downtown Bristol, Tennessee.

Their latest Typewriter Session brings them to "Ownward", a song from off of their latest album, Beyond the Station. Thematically, the song is about dusting yourself off after you've taken a loss and putting your best foot forward even when life seems devoid of life. There is always an opportunity to persevere and do what you can in the face of great adversity, and the band reminds us of this in the swaying blues of this performance.

Musically, its three separate time signatures show off the band's uncanny knack for incorporating innovative composition techniques into their songs. While there is an electric element to the song with more rock-leaning instrumentation, the yearning, emotional leanings in their vocal delivery of "Onward" do well in reminding us of their folksy beginnings.

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