Answering Machine Get Through Tough Times With "Bad Luck" (premiere)

Photo by Rob Menzer, Courtesy Earshot Media

"Bad Luck" spotlights Answering Machine's tough-minded brand of rock 'n' roll with touchstones that range from Tom Petty and the Replacements to Jenny Lewis.

Brooklyn's Answering Machine has just issued a video for the titular piece from its upcoming album, Bad Luck, due 17 April.

Comprised of the single-named Samantha (vocals), JD (guitar/vocals), Louis (drums) and Craig (bass), the outfit boasts a range of influences including the Replacements and Jenny Lewis. Having issued a self-titled EP in 2017, the group's no-nonsense rock 'n' roll approach is on full display on "Bad Luck". With aggressive, Tommy Stinson-esque bass, choruses that veer between country and punk, and verses brimming with youthful energy, Answering Machine promises that blistering rock is alive, well and in good hands.

The band says, "This is a song that commiserates in tough times. 'Bad Luck' is there with a hug, a tall boy, and a little reminder to keep going."


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