Anya Hinkle 2021
Photo: Rose Kaz / Courtesy of Crossroads Music

Anya Hinkle’s “Why Women Need Wine” Dishes Lighthearted Appalachian Blues (premiere)

Anya Hinkle effortlessly delivers conversationalist country blues on “Why Women Need Wine”. It’s a musical eye roll that takes on the patriarchy.

Anya Hinkle effortlessly delivers conversationalist country blues on her new single, “Why Women Need Wine”. A burgeoning force behind the Appalachian roots revival, Hinkle has written and performed with the likes of Dehlia Low and Tellico and is now crafting her full-length solo debut. Due later this year, the album encompasses the singer-songwriter’s talent for crafting earthen Americana rooted in the Virginia mountains where she was raised.

She takes on “Why Women Need Wine” with a pep in her step, reflecting on situations and dispositions that women often encounter. It’s a musical eye roll that takes on the patriarchy, accentuated by a playful polyphony of roots instrumentation and Hinkle’s infectiously informal vocal delivery.

“Why Women Need Wine” was inspired by a visit to a friend of Hinkle’s made when she was feeling down and out. She says, “I spilled it all out, just said every ridiculous thing, and we laughed, I cried, and on my way home, I just felt so much better. Everything seemed possible again, I got a grip, and this line popped into my head: ‘This is why women need wine.’”

Hinkle continues, “It is empowering when women come together and share these feelings — with or without the wine — so we can proceed with a sense of humor and a sense of strength. I hope the song can support our experiences and help each of us recognize we aren’t the only ones who don’t feel qualified to dream big, aren’t bold enough to try something we’re not sure will work or aren’t allowed to fail and start over again.”

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