Photo: Shervin Lainez / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Anya Marina Delivers Powerful Rendition of “Can’t Nobody Love You” (premiere)

Anya Marina's latest single "Can't Nobody Love You" is a powerful cover of a classic previously recorded by Solomon Burke and the Zombies.

Anya Marina‘s Queen of the Night arrives 25 September. The album was written and recorded in both Nashville, San Diego, and New York City and finds Marina collaborating with K.S. Rhoads, Brian Karscig of Louis XIV and Nervous Wreckords, producer/artist Miles Francis, and Christopher Kuffner across the collection.

“Can’t Nobody Love You” spotlights Marina’s prowess as a vocalist and interpreter of song. Written by James Mitchell and previously recorded by both the Zombies and Solomon Burke, the track lands in capable hands here, proving itself a timeless composition and Marina a performer who can provide a fresh and exciting take on a familiar tune.

I first heard ‘Can’t Nobody Love You’ as done by the Zombies last year and became obsessed with it. The original was sung by preacher and singer Solomon Burke in the 1960s. I loved the insane confidence of the lyrics; I like any song that sounds like a stalker could’ve written it. Like, how confident do you have to be to tell someone: ‘can’t nobody kiss you like I’m kissing you, baby…can’t nobody talk to you like I’m talking to you right now…’?! I love how there’s a pause between a couple of the words, so it actually sounds like he’s saying ‘can’t nobody talk to you’ as in: no one is allowed to talk to you. I just love that”, she says.

“It reminds me of that Liz Phair song, ‘Jealousy’, where she says, ‘I can’t believe you had a life before me, I can’t believe they let you run around free.’ It’s such a perfect embodiment of the insanity of jealousy. This confidence is the same reason I chose to cover T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like’ back in the day. It must be a quality I admire because you don’t find that bravado in most of my songs up until now. Maybe T.I. rubbed off on me and that’s how I got to a place of writing ‘Queen of the Night’ (maybe I’m a fool in love and I’ll look back on this travesty….Or maybe I’m a queen of the night, basking in my majesty).”