Dungen Side Project AOP Says There's "No Need to Talk" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo courtesy of Weiss PR

Dungen side project AOP offers latest single from upcoming EP, A New Beginning.

AOP is a duo comprised of Mattias Gustavsson (Dungen and the Hanged Man) and Martin Fogelström (Mylla). The pair have collaborated for well over a decade in projects such as Life on Earth! Our Solar System and Little Children. Forging a sound that recalls Fleetwood Mac in the halcyon days of the '70s as well as various strains of contemporary indie pop, AOP will issue its first EP, A New Beginning in August via Lazy Octopus Records.

The latest single from that collection is "No Need to Talk", a piece filled with retro synth sounds that will appeal to fans of the Stranger Things soundtrack as well as the fuzz out, psychedelic touches of Elf Power and Of Montreal among others. With bossy bass and swirling, cinematic keyboards this is a tune that you could not have predicted and yet arrives full of familiarity and warmth.

It follows "Retox Weekend" and "It Will Never Happen" a series of singles offered from the full release. The single is available digitally now.

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