Photo: Annie Rhodes Kane / Courtesy of 23 Media

appleby’s “Enough” Puts Romance on the Wide Screen

Love is more than “Enough” on electropop artist appleby’s intimate and dynamic new single.

The first sound you hear on “Enough”—a choir of chants, screams, and whistles guided underneath by piano—feels brimming with joy, but appleby’s entrance reveals another story. His voice tender as an open palm, the Los Angeles-via-Chicago artist contemplates romance with the desperate intimacy of a soap-opera-episode climax. “Show me you’re in love / Tell me I’m enough,” he croons, the syntax and insecurity are seemingly torn out of Meredith Grey’s “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” monologue. For a while, finger snaps and piano become appleby’s only companions afterward, but the song doesn’t become locked into staid balladry. The celebration around him returns with shakers and clatters, fuller than ever before, buzzing synths crescendoing into a wide smile.

Of the song, appleby says, “I wrote “Enough” when I was overwhelmed with thoughts of how I treated the person I’m in love with. Seeing my actions through her eyes and experiencing the moments, really the memories where I failed to make her feel like she’s my missing piece. That she’s enough and always has been.”