Apprentice Destroyer – “Cloud Fortress” (audio) (premiere)

We're not too sure how subversive this anonymous project actually is, but it's yielded some spellbinding, krautrock-derived music.

Much is made of the self-indulgent, show-off noodling that you hear people doing in any Guitar Center — or any other large music store for that matter — any day of the week, but amidst that din one industrious individual recorded a synthesizer album in one of those stores, one track at a time. Just how much of a social commentary or act of subversive outsider art this all is remains to be seen, as very little information has been provided about Apprentice Destroyer’s new album Glass ceiling Universe, but the eight and a half-minute “Cloud Fortress” is a very impressive kosmische musik homage, its hypnotic analog synth reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh.

It’s definitely worth a listen, and bodes well for the rest of this strange new record, which comes out 9 October on Castle Face.