Oneida: Absolute II

Those curious about mood music that upends one's emotions rather than calming them down may welcome this shambling trip into interstellar breakdown, rather than overdrive.


Oneida: Rated O

Over the course of three fuzzed-out discs, there's one solid Oneida album to be found in here; you just have to wade through some indulgent, excessive, and flat-out boring instrumental passages to get to it.


Oneida: Happy New Year

Tipping towards the folk precision of The Wedding but blistering with noise, Happy New Year is another landmark album from one of rock's most underrated bands. Maybe this time people will pay attention?


Oneida: The Wedding

Another left turn from Brooklyn's most creative and unpredictable band, The Wedding brings Oneida's trademarked, heavy psych-rock repetition into a new arena: folk songs with string sections. Jaws will drop.

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