Thee Oh Sees: Putrifiers II

Putrifiers II is a worthy addition to Thee Oh Sees' growing canon, and an agreeable starting point for those who want to hear the band’s woolly take on psychedelic sounds infused with a dollop of pop.


The Sufis: The Sufis

About half the album is devoted to wacky experimentation that is meant to freak listeners out -- or at least make them feel like they’ve just ingested the brown acid of Woodstock lore.


The Phantom Family Halo: When I Fall Out

When I Fall Out is the first of two thematically-linked albums from Brooklyn’s the Phantom Family Halo to be released this year, and as good as it is, it leaves you almost breathlessly wondering how the follow-up will sound like.


The Winks: Twilights

If Lewis Carroll had come of age in the 1960s, started a band instead of writing books, and taken copious amounts of bad acid, he might have come up with something that sounds like arty Montreal psych-rockers The Winks.

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