Photo: Tai Power Seeff / Pavement PR

Ardent Sons Give Up on Love via “Take Me Down Easy” (premiere)

Flamin' Groovies drummer Tony T. Sales leads new outfit, Ardent Sons, which gathers the best of blues, garage rock, and soul on "Take Me Down Easy".

Ardent Sons will issue its debut album No More Than This on 3 May. The group is led by Tony T. Sales, current drummer for the legendary Flamin’ Groovies, son of Tony and nephew of Hunt Sales (Tin Machine, Iggy Pop, Todd Rundgren). The Oakland-based outfit has released the single “Take Me Down Easy” with just under four minutes of soulful, dark ‘n’ sexy rock ‘n’ roll in tune with the genre’s bluesy roots. With R&B-inspired vocal harmonies and an unstoppable swing, the track quickly puts recent garage-oriented contenders to rest. Though in tune with contemporary sounds, this could just as easily be an obscure culled from the classic Nuggets compilation, replete with vintage organ and mysterious lyrics.

Sales says, “sometimes you want it, sometimes you’re running from it, and sometimes, after you got it, you do all you can to get away. Love and happiness can be an anchor and a weight. This is a gritty, tormented blues about wanting to escape a love that isn’t working anyway. Time to call it quits.”