Arkitekchur: Of Solids, Climate and Homes

Of Solids, Climate and Homes

Oh, how indie electronica of Arkitekchur (the Brooklyn-based Joseph Lisciandro, and others) to record and distribute their intriguing EP, Of Solids, Climate and Homes on CD-R (available on the label’s website, Perhaps this is just as well, as the album will be that much more precious to those who own it. Or something. It truly is a shame that this EP is not sold in every Sam Goody or Coconuts Music across America, because this is truly unique music worthy of a listen and quite rewarding for those who will take the time to listen carefully.

The two-track EP is comprised of one short opening track of pulsing glitch-tronica (“Yourself In”) and the title track, a 20-minute epic masterpiece of unusual power and subtlety. Moving slowly and amorphously throughout the track, different sounds appear and disappear in a haze, leaving an indelible impression before the sound fades into the distance. Certain identifiable noises can be picked out of the aural mélange — a train can be heard making its way through a fog of white noise and static; a woman speaks into a telephone, trapped in a short loop of repeated hellos; strummed upright bass, guitars and what sounds like a chugging engine make their way through the mire of sound. And, briefly at least, what sounds like a muted synth lingers oh-so-delicately with a gentle lilt that dissipates before other elements eventually build the intensity to a clattering climax.

What’s so incredibly appealing about this lengthy number is the uncertainty and mystery lurking beneath the many analog and digital sounds. At times, the music fades into near-nothingness, at others, a whole host of noises combine to create a warm, fuzzy, and dreamy atmosphere. This song is very much alive-constantly moving, forever changing, enticingly real, and utterly magnetic.