Photo: Jen Bail

Arrica Rose & the …’s – ‘Low as the Moon’ (album stream) (premiere)

Folk-poppers Arrica Rose & the ...'s return with a positive message of optimism on their latest album releasing Friday.

Los Angeles folk-pop group Arrica Rose & the …’s touch on everything from rock to pop to Americana within their sound. In fact, “the …’s” refers to Rose’s penchant for shaking things up and bringing all sorts of collaborators and genres into their creative work. On the band’s new album, Low As the Moon, Rose stretches her wings further with the addition of some gentle electronic elements that help keep the mood warm and welcoming. Meanwhile, Rose’s dreamy and occasionally sultry vocals take center stage and seduce the listener.

What winds up holding the album together as a strong artistic statement are the persistently warm and dreamy textures brought vividly to life by producer Dan Garcia and the strong thematic bent of Rose’s lyrics. Rose is a sublime songwriter with the ability to write albums, not just individual songs. As such, there is a strong theme guiding the project. Rose says that Low As the Moon is very much about a persistent optimism that won’t quit. It’s about reaching for the silver-lining even though it may be waning and finding the highest highs to balance the lows.”

Low As the Moon releases 8 September via pOprOck records.