Arthur Nasson Explores a Chapter of ‘Whack Mythology’ With “Superman” (premiere)

Based in Arlington, Massachusetts, singer-songwriter Arthur Nason will issue his LP, Whack Mythology, on August 31. Though tracked at his home studio and certainly reminiscent of several touchstone releases in the genre, the record is not exactly lo-fi. Maybe a better designation is upper mid-fi or some other silliness but the fact is that would detract from Nason‘s songwriting, which calls to mind Martin Crenshaw, Martin Briley and others. The singer-songwriter gives us a taste of Whack Mythology via “Superman”, which draws its inspiration from the life/myth of philosopher Frederick Nietzsche.

“My sons and I were talking about the myth/legend of Nietzsche cracking up after witnessing a man beating a dead horse,” he says, “he supposedly went into a wild eyed moment somewhere between rage and acceptance, grabbed the man by his jacket and said, ‘I understand you.'”

Nason is joined on the new recording by his sons Graham (drums/rhythm guitar) and Colin (rhythm guitar/percussion). They help their father tap more deeply into the thematic components of the album of which he says, “The idea that mythology, whether personal or global and the social programming it instills in each of us, drives much about our actions and perception. In holding up this type of mirror both in personal and more broad ways, one can perhaps have a laugh and recognize some shared sense of what we go through in this life.”