ArtPeace - "Hi:)" (video) (premiere)

The "Folk&B" duo shine a (UV) light on releationships in their new video.

Billing themselves as "Folk&B", ArtPeace is comprised of Grammy-nominated songwriter Taura Stinson and Los Angeles street performer Chrissy DePauw, and their debut album Free Music is set to be released on 23 October. In the meantime, though, they've released an eye-popping video for the track "Hi:)", a song recorded with Ali Shaheed from A Tribe Called Quest.

"UV light exposes 'everything' and that was the first vision that I had for the video," Stinson explains. "I wanted to shine the proverbial UV light on the three cycles of a complicated relationship. First it's beautiful…then it gets ugly and then we have a choice to walk away or stay. The in between is usually brutally painful but when the end is a new beginning, there's nothing more beautiful than rediscovering the beauty in someone else."

"Watching the couple in the video film their parts was giving me anxiety," adds DePauw. "They were killin' it! So serious. They were making me feel like I was truly watching the evolution and destruction of love itself. We wanted the backlight body paint to really give you that ethereal trippy vibe that would compliment the music. We didn’t want to take any short cuts with our introduction to the world, especially with our name being “ArtPeace”. It was important to us that the video be very artistic and something that you’d hopefully want to watch more than once. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it!”

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