Ash Koosha – “Mudafossil” (Singles Going Steady)

Ash Koosha really knows how to put a visual in the mind.

Chad Miller: Maybe it’s just the fact that the song has fossil in the name, but Ash Koosha really knows how to put a visual in the mind. Prehistoric scenes flash through the brain as this song plays out. He creates an interesting paradox by employing the lifeless electronic beats to act as the plentifully noisy bugs of the time, adding an interesting air to the piece. A distorted melody soon takes over once the introduction has set, adding the impression of chaos to the piece. I’ve heard music that’s meant to take you back to a simpler time. Never like this though. [7/10]

Dustin Ragucos: “Mudafossil” is worth a jam to those who like the warped sense of balance within an Arca track. That said, those who don’t really care about it can add use the word as a backhanded curse. [6/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: Tricky to decide on this one. It’s a blip and something that’d be great to fill out the last two minutes of a mix tape with. I like it enough that I’d fill out every mix tape for an entire summer with it. [6/10]

Chris Pittaway: A disorienting, bottom-heavy soundscape that shifts and dances around before it can settle into anything really resembling a melody, as if determined not to give the listener a foothold. Ash Koosha instead gives us a brief glimpse into his weird, glitchy world before yanking us back out again. [6/10]

Ash Koosha‘s I AKA I releases 1 April via Ninja Tune.

SCORE: 6.25