Courtesy Atom Age Facebook Page

The Atom Age Take Listeners on a “Walk Through Walls” (premiere)

Punk/garage outfit the Atom Age deliver a potent new video in "Walk Through Walls".

The Atom Age returns with its latest single, “Walk Through Walls”, culled from the group’s upcoming album, Cry Til’ You Die, out 23 August via Tiger Dream/Asian Man Records.

At times reminiscent of Link Wray, vintage garage rock and more contemporary acts such as the Black Keys, the Hives, and Jack White, “Walk Through Walls” demonstrates why this Californian outfit has become an underground favorite across the last decade or so. Unpretentious rock that can send shivers of excitement down your spine like the opening riff in a Tarantino soundtrack, the Atom Age can teach even wise musical veterans a thing or two about how to rock ‘n’ roll.