Audrey Karrasch - "Euphoria" (video) (premiere)

Photo by Kinsey Mhire

The singer-songwriter finds freedom through honesty in her new video.

Singer-songwriter Audrey Karrasch will be releasing her new EP Forever Audrey on 5 November, but in the meantime the Reno native has just put out her stylish and deeply personal new video for the track "Euphoria", which you can see below.

"The video takes place within a dark dream," Karrasch explains. "The dark hands and bodies seen throughout the video represent every thought and fear that haunt me and control me. My insecurities, my loneliness, my addictions, my failures. The loss of the state of euphoria I was previously living in left me helpless and restless in bed. Over come with emotion. Having to face the reality that I am alone. We really wanted to convey this vulnerable state in the right way. When you’re broken you’re without conviction. I was embracing all of these shade figures yet still fighting against them. Fighting for my own sanity but terrified of the unknown. In a nightmare fighting with myself. The VHS scenes are the only evidence of my blissful past. Those memories are all that consume me. They keep me in my bed but they’re the only motivation I have to get up. I convince myself I can fight for my life. That I can make it on my own. I drive far to empty the trunk and dispose of everything that haunts me. I think I’m in control but I am powerless. The more I resist the more I only harm myself. Hands are tied and I completely surrender. I can only submit. After admitting my own defeat I am free. This honesty gave me freedom."

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