Blazej Kaucz

Błażej Kaucz is a researcher in criminology and socio-legal studies. He completed a PhD in criminology in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at University College Cork, Ireland. Błażej is also a holder of law degrees (LL.M., LL.B.) from Wroclaw University, Poland and he is a passionate educator and confident presenter. Taught several modules at University College Cork covering topics of criminological and sociological theory associated with social control, law and development, critical criminology, crime, criminalisation, penology, the criminal justice system, and sociology of community. Błażej’s research interests revolve around the interplay between the visible and hidden elements of social life, amongst them a formulated concept of the militarisation of behaviours and more established concepts of the hidden curriculum, guilty knowledge, professionalisation, organised crime, and the criminal justice system.