Chris Colgan

The self-styled "Mad Scientist," Chris Colgan is a PopMatters contributor from Long Island, New York. He is a recent graduate of Seton Hall University, with a degree in Communications focused in Radio Broadcasting. He also was a staff member for five years at Seton Hall's radio station, 89.5 WSOU-FM, one of the most critically-acclaimed college stations in the country and two-time Metal Station of the Year winner from FMQB Magazine. He spent his time at WSOU as an assistant producer, newscaster, production specialist, DJ, and specialty show host. Chris is a metal enthusiast with extensive knowledge of most genres and subgenres. He writes a weekly column at called "New & Noteworthy", which details new releases each week in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. He collects CD's like it's going out of style (although he refuses to acknowledge that it actually is). A geek and proud to be one, Chris believes that all trends can stay alive as long as there's one person left to follow it.