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The 10 Best Electronic Albums of 2011

The 10 Best Electronic Albums of 2011

Our electronic music experts pick the best albums from 2011 when the genre ranged widely and wildly from ADD dance music to the last great pure dubstep record.

Garden State Greaser Noir in ‘Iron Bound’

No Place for Daydreamers: Becky Cloonan’s DIY Comics

Murkiness, Creepy Comics in ‘Montague Terrace’

New York City-Sourced Chaos in Graphic Novel ‘Strange Attractors’

Comics Creator Matt Kindt’s ‘Fine Art’

The Visual Blitz in Graphic Novel ‘Babble’

Congo Horrors Reported Graphically for ‘Army of God’

Gay Talese’s Magazine Journalism, Mapped in Full Color

The Con Artist Aristocracy in Crime Webcomic ‘Suckers’

Anxiety and ‘Adamtine’ from Comics Creator Hannah Berry

Obituary Writing from the Desk of a ‘Daytripper’