Franceasca Seiden

Franceasca Seiden, Producer/Writer, is the founder of 3GZ Productions, an independent film production company dedicated to making films inspired by generations of music and underground culture. Her short films, Out of Sync and The Theater and Wicked Garden have been featured in various film festivals and screenings. Seiden directed and produced Second Act, a story of two Brazilian women who come to the U.S. with hopes of breaking into acting starring Carolina Shorter, (the wife of legendary jazz musician Wayne Shorter). Seiden produced the award winning and internationally acclaimed feature documentary Darkbeat an Electro World Voyage, a futuristic educational film reliving the years when hip-hop emerged and transformed into international electro beats. Darkbeat is an official selection in many international film festivals and won best documentary in the Miami Underground Film Festival. The film toured European festivals in November 2007 including the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival and continues to gain interest and sell to this day. As creator of 3GZ Productions, Franceasca continues to serve as a consultant on numerous narrative films, music videos and documentaries. Seiden and her partner Iris B. Cegarra have been featured in a cover stories in the Miami Herald twice. 3GZ and its original films have been included in a variety of periodicals, television interviews and websites. Receiving her MFA in Film Production from Miami International University of Art & Design and a BFA in Photography/ Art History from International Fine Arts College, she currently shows her photographic work and mixed media in galleries. Franceasca has worked with Current TV, FX Network, MTV, National Lampoon