Jessica Schneider

I am a fiction writer as well as book reviewer. I am the co-founder of the highly popular arts site, which has been praised by Roger Ebert and noted in The New York Times. I write for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Blogcritics, Seattle Post Intelligencer, I am the Austin Cultural Events Examiner for, I have worked previously as the Books Editor for Monsters & Critics and been interviewed on various talk radio shows both in the U.S. and the BBC. I've been published in The Moderate Voice, storySouth, Eclectica, The Houston Literary Review, Pittsburgh Quarterly, New York Review, Retort, Avatar Review, Sidereality, Tryst, Stride, Unlikely Stories, among others. I have a love for Japanese literature and film (but not just limited to that). I thrive in the novel form, and have written many myself. Someday you'll be able to read them.