Kit MacFarlane

Kit MacFarlane has a PhD in English Literature, Film and Popular Culture, with a thesis that covers topics from Euripides, H. G. Wells and Edgar Allan Poe to John Huston, Lon Chaney and Batman (all stitched together with Douglas Hofstdter, Slavoj Zizek and Jacques Lacan). He also writes cultural criticism, commentary and relentless tirades, with occasional diversions into fiction and academic analysis, and has published regular cultural and higher education commentary in Australian media. He spends the rest of the time teaching English, film and media as a freelance academic. His main cultural interest lies in exploring resonances between traditional literature and popular culture. Even when off the clock, he continues this noble endeavor by shouting at the TV incessantly.
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‘Quantum Leap’ and the Denial of Meaning

Grand "explanations" are simple, it's actions and decisions that are complex. Quantum Leap treated ordinary people's problems as the real matters of cosmic importance.

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