Lee Zimmerman

Lee Zimmerman is thrilled to be writing for PopMatters, one of the best in the biz. In addition, he also writes Blurt, Relix, M Music and Musicians, New Times, Bluegrass Situation, Country Standard Time, Goldmine, and maybe more that don't immediately come to mind. He's fond of editors (most of the time), publicists (esp. when they agree to send him music in physical form) and the brave souls that make the music and struggle to express their creativity and still make a living at it at the same time. Lee is obsessed with music - new, old, pop, rock, Americana, country, folk... all he desires is a great melody and an indelible refrain. Did he mention that he loves music? Did we say anything about obsession... Stop us if we've said it all already. By the way, Lee's also a fool for affirmation. Please keep that in mind whenever engaging in conversation...
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features for publication consideration with PopMatters.
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features.