Meta Wagner

Why do high-brow literary types love low-brow television? What can politicians learn from reality TV producers about manipulating the public? Has the dying romantic comedy genre been issued a DNR? These and other pressing matters are what keep Meta up at nights and provide her with fodder for her writing. In her "Vox Pop" column for PopMatters Meta voices her observations about pop culture, particularly as it intersects with our lives. She is endlessly fascinated by the myriad ways in which our pop culture choices reflect back on us -- our beliefs, our desires, our idiosyncrasies, our intellects. Her published pieces include written commentaries, features, and profiles for Salon, Boston Globe Magazine, Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. You can visit her blog here. When she's not writing, Meta is molding young minds as an adjunct professor at Emerson College, where she teaches creative writing. She also developed and occasionally teaches a column-writing class at Grub Street, an independent writing center in Boston. Prior to her writing and teaching careers, Meta worked in marketing communications where she did (mostly) good works like publicizing multi-million dollar fundraising events for cancer treatment and prevention.

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