R. N. Bradley

R.N. Bradley is A 'Bany girl (Albany, GA) through her core. Her grandfather (AKA Paw Paw) taught her hustling is in her blood and that opportunities are sought not given. Can't argue with a great man. A doctoral candidate in African American Literature and Culture at Florida State University, Bradley earned her BA in English from the "Unsinkable" Albany State University (GA) and a MA in African American and African Diaspora Studies from Indiana University Bloomington. Bradley's current research interests include identity politics, African-American humor, late 20th and 21st century black popular culture and literature, and Hip Hop. Bradley's dissertation investigates negotiations of white hegemonic masculinity in 21st century race consciousness using black popular culture and literature. Part time critic, full time learner. Let's get it.
Contemporary Urbanity and Blackness in ‘New Jack City’

Contemporary Urbanity and Blackness in ‘New Jack City’

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