Rajith Savanadasa

Rajith writes mostly hardcore punk and heavy metal pieces for PopMatters.com and FasterLouder.com.au but he does like other things - folk music, for instance, some Indie/alternative, perhaps? He is also quite serious about fiction and is hellbent on writing a novel, so keep an eye out for it but don't hold your breath because Rajith also likes to take his time.

Odawas: The Blue Depths

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Akimbo: Jersey Shores

Unearth: The March

The Bronx: III

The Capricorns: River, Bear Your Bones

Helms Alee: Night Terror

An Albatross: The Family Album

Blood, Guts, and Identity Fragmentation

Deerhunter: Microcastle

The Nightwatchman: Fabled City


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