Sabadino Parker

Sabadino Parker has been writing for PopMatters since 2000. A lifelong writer from Connecticut, Sabadino's weekly syndicated DVD review column, "Getting Reel," has appeared in local newspapers for almost a decade, and his fiction and poetry have been published in both print and online media. Having recently earned his Masters in English from Trinity College with a thesis focusing on Neil Gaiman's graphic novel The Sandman, Sabadino is hoping to amass a collection of degrees to match that of his comic books. He is currently the editorial manager for The Scene Magazine and owns Sparker Media, a freelance writing, editing, and online marketing company. Feel free to e-mail Seb at [email protected] For inquiries as to his services, e-mail Sparker Media at [email protected] He is currently at work on his second novel, which should see the light of day sometime in 2012.
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features for publication consideration with PopMatters.
Call for essays, reviews, interviews, and list features.