TJM Holden, the official version, is encapsulated in Todd's Curriculum Vitae. For those searching for a different kind of CV -- the condensed version -- here it is: TJM stands for Todd Joseph Miles, who is a novelist, essayist, academician, songwriter, web designer, teacher, lecturer, former DJ, past basketball coach, son, brother, husband, father, and friend. Todd was sired in Pasadena, California, with time spent in Paris, France; educated in Syracuse, New York, now educating in Sendai, Japan. Todd holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Social Science and is currently Professor of Mediated Sociology in the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (GSICS) at Tohoku University, in Sendai, Japan. For analyses of Japanese popular culture, see archived issues of his column, ReDotPop: Mediations of Japan. And for adventures in the journey of life, see his PopMatters' travel blog: Peripatetic Postcards.