Banda Magda - "Coração" (video) (premiere)

The global pop stylings of Banda Magda lend themselves to a colorful display on summer single "Coração".

It must be summertime. The weather is warmer, it's harder to stay put at the office, and Banda Magda is premiering a colorful new video for single "Coração" to usher in just a little extra light. Who could ask for a better start to the season?

A constant tourmate of jazz collective Snarky Puppy, bandleader Magda Giannikou sings with breathtaking energy, her every expression telling a story. She leads a full, vivacious group of singers and instrumentalists of every kind through a whirlwind of samba. "I wanted 'Coração' to be cataclysmic," says Giannikou, "an anthem, a celebration of diversity and uniqueness. Busting like a volcano of emotions, the lyrics talk about ebb and flow, rise and fall; the very dynamic way in which my heart lives."

Though there's a sweetness to her tone, Giannikou's voice is strong, and it's clear that her dynamic heart is present in each note she sings. Quick rhythms, dramatic scenes, and windswept flutes come together, and as dramatic as they are, they still uplift. That sentiment is an intentional choice by the artist herself: "This month is all about pride and expressing who you are, and while I celebrate my own, I encourage everyone to do the same."

Further underscoring the band's lively sounds are the bursts of color surrounding them in the single's video, as rich and warm as the music itself. A bounty of eye-catching details -- walls plastered with maps, light shining through a rainbow of interlocked umbrellas, high heeled shoes hanging from the ceiling -- add a further sense of fantasy. It all fits Banda Magda's eclectic oeuvre, made up of a mix of pop styles from all over the globe, and the cheer it supplies is simply unbeatable.

"Coração" is Banda Magda's new single from the upcoming album Tigre, scheduled for release on GroundUP/Verve on 15 September.

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