Banfi Explores the Mean Side of Love on "Never Really Cared" (premiere)

Photo: Jake Dypka

English indie rockers Banfi release an emotional track about "a long history of a relationship that's being entirely rejected".

English trio Banfi have been making strides with their glimmering alt-rock. Produced by Rich Wilkinson (Bombay Bicycle Club, White Lies), "Never Really Cared" is a rich musical fusion of both the dreamy and harder-hitting sides of indie rock. Furthermore, it's set to be featured on their forthcoming debut EP, The Jack Powell EP, releasing on 16 March via Communion. The band finds the perfect balance between cerebral and heartfelt on the record, bringing both brilliantly-recorded instrumentation to the forefront alongside an emotional vocal delivery from frontman Joe Banfi.

Joe Banfi tells PopMatters, "The starting point was this idea of exploring how mean and nasty you could make a love song, for no particular reason other than we knew there was something good and real around mean love. Rejection is bad enough when it comes from a stranger, but it's at its worst when there's a long history of a relationship that's being entirely rejected, with no sign of gratitude or desire to treasure what happened there."

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