Banjolectric's "Another Thing For Pain" Is a Raw Reflection on Substance Abuse (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of Nick Loss-Eaton Media

Gregory Mulkern continues to push the envelope on what a banjo can do through Banjolectric, this time through the brooding, reflective music video for "Another Thing For Pain".

Last year, Gregory Mulkern set out with a unique vision to expand the public eye's perception of what a banjo can do. Through Banjolectric, the consummate musician and songwriter has been making good on his mission, introducing a melange of melodies and rhythms atypical to usual banjo fare. Mostly forgoing the "dust bowl chic" traditionally associated with the instrument, Banjolectric continues to pedal forward with boundary-breaking, banjo-centric musical innovations in 2019

"Another Thing For Pain" features on the second Banjolectric release, As Above, and may arguably be the EP's magnum opus. A raw musing on substance abuse, Mulkern bares his soul while still pushing the envelope forward with an R&B-driven beat and bluesy riffs some may have previously thought unbecoming of a banjo-based production. Its brooding, reflective music video was shot in Detroit and features dancer Zaji Cox.

As Above is available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp.

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