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Barry Adamson, The Black Angels, Ghislain Poirier...

Barry Adamson

(all tracks from Back to the Cat released 31 March)

Spend a Little Time [MP3]


Shadow of Death Hotel [MP3]


Psycho_Sexual [MP3]


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The Black Angels

Doves [MP3] (from Directions to See a Ghost releasing 13 May)


Ghislain Poirier

Blazin [Video]

Kanye West

Homecoming [Video]

The Old Haunts

Volatile [MP3]


New Bloods

Oh, Deadly Nightshade [MP3] (from The Secret Life releasing 8 April)


J. Spaceman and Sun City Girls

Mr. Lonely Viola [MP3]


Los Campesinos!

My Year in Lists [Video]

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