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BBQ Thrills London with International Flavors and a Spice Up From TABASCO (sponsor)

How TABASCO hot sauce is spicing up London's international BBQ scene.

BBQ is all the rage in hip, young London with amazing new restaurants opening all around town. From Bodean’s, the Blues Kitchen, and Smokestak to Zelman Meats and the Chicago Rib Shack, the capital is full of a wide range of approaches to BBQ.

Even better you can find BBQ from ethnic food traditions around the world. Whether it’s Nigerian or Filipino, Jamaican or American, Japanese Argentinian, London has your international BBQ covered.

Meanwhile, BBQ parties have never been more popular as a way to wind down and hang with friends while minding the budget and filling up those hungry tummies.

But classic BBQ could use a little spicing up to create even more fun and excitement. We highly recommend carrying a little bottle of TABASCO hot sauce around in your pocket to add an extra thrill to your restaurant BBQ. Bring it to your friends’ parties too -- just be prepared to share.

TABASCO is the genuine American classic hot sauce from the great foodie and music state of Louisiana. Learn how TABASCO is enhancing traditional BBQ cultures adding a jolt to a super thick and delicious Nigerian hamburger, a zing to Jamaican jerk chicken, and a bit of zest to Filipino BBQ chicken. Just the thing a London summer BBQ needs.

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