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Be Your Own Pet, The BellRays, Think About Life...

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Be Your Own Pet

Tracklisting: Summer Sensation EP

1. Bicycle, Bicyle

2. Girls on TV

3. Fire Department

4. Take That Walk

5. Hillmont Avenue

[stream the entire CD] [Insound | Amazon]

The music of the Nashville-based foursome, Be Your Own Pet, is an aural concoction of artful punk rock and teenage enthusiasm. Be Your Own Pet are releasing the warm up EP, Summer Sensation, on April 18th to get us amped for their upcoming full-length album out June 6 on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label.

The BellRays

"Maniac Blues" [MP3]

"Third Time's The Charm" [MP3]

Think About Life

"Paul Cries" [MP3]

"Serious Chords" [MP3]

Built to Spill

full album stream of You in Reverse [AOL]

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